Menuju Pengenalan Ekspresi Mikro: Pendeteksian Komponen Wajah Menggunakan Discriminative Response Map Fitting

Ulla Delfana Rosiani, Priska Choirina, Surya Sumpeno, Mauridhy Hery P.


The observations made in the study of micro-expression are to recognize and track the very subtle movements of certain facial areas and in a short time. In this study, the observation of movement is held in some areas of the face component. The facial and facial components detection is the pre-process stage on micro-expression recognition system. The goal at this stage is to get face and face components accurately and quickly on every movement of the video sequence or image sequence. The face landmark point of the Discriminative Response Map Fitting (DRMF) method can be used to get face components area accurately and quickly. This can be done because the facial landmark points used in this model-based method do not change when objects are moved, rotated, or scaled. The results obtained by using this method are accurate with a 100% accuracy value compared to the Haar Cascade Classifier method with an average accuracy of 44%. In addition, the average time required in the formation of facial component boxes for each frame is 0.08 seconds, faster than the Haar Cascade Classifier method of 0.32 seconds. With the results obtained, then the detection of facial components can be obtained accurately and quickly. Furthermore, the boxes of face components obtained are expected to display the appropriate data to be processed correctly and accurately in the next stage, feature extraction and the classification of micro-expression motion stage.


deteksi komponen wajah, DRMF, titik landmark wajah, ekspresi mikro

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