Sistem Penilaian Kondisi Jembatan Menggunakan Respons Dinamik dengan Wireless Sensor Network

Seno Adi Putra, Gede Agus Andika Sani, Adi Trisna Nurwijaya, Abikarami Anandadiga, Pratama Budi Wijayanto, Bambang Riyanto Trilaksono, Muhammad Riyansyah


Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is small embedded devices deployed in large scale network and has capability to sense, compute, and communicate with others. It combines modern sensor, microelectronic, computer, communication, and distributed processing technology. It takes into account in several aspects of live especially in structural health monitoring system of bridge. Due to environmental circumstance, a bridge should be monitored to make sure that it can perform its service safely. Therefore, it is necessary to develop WSN application to monitor bridge condition and send warning message to control room if the bridge is under abnormal condition. This paper proposes the development of automatic WSN system for measuring the level of bridge structural health based on its dynamic responses. The main contribution of this work is developing WSN system for vibration-based bridge condition assessment in which identifies the bridge’s fundamental frequency and mode shape. Experimental result shows that the fundamental frequency measured by our proposed system is close to the value analyzed using finite element analysis (FEA) and according to Modal Assurance Criteriation (MAC), our proposed measurement system has correlation with FEA.


Jaringan sensor nirkabel, sistem pengawasan kesehatan struktur, penilaian kondisi jembatan berbasis getaran, penilaian kondisi jembatan berbasis getaran, nilai jembatan

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